5-Amino 3-[4-(-di-n-butylamino-propoxy)benzoyl]2-n-butyl benzofuran dioxalate

5-Amino 3-[4-(-di-n-butylamino-propoxy)benzoyl]2-n-butyl benzofuran dioxalate

Saflik Pharma LLP is a Certified Manufacturer based in India for 5-Amino 3-[4-(-di-n-butylamino-propoxy)benzoyl]2-n-butyl benzofuran dioxalate and CAS No. 141644-91-9. We offer the 5-Amino 3-[4-(-di-n-butylamino-propoxy)benzoyl]2-n-butyl benzofuran dioxalate (CAS No. 141644-91-9) for your Research and Development / Evaluation or Commercial requirements. We are manufacturers of 5-Amino 3-[4-(-di-n-butylamino-propoxy)benzoyl]2-n-butyl benzofuran dioxalate and can offer you the same at very competitive prices along with all required regulatory documents. The list of regulatory documents provided here.

Name 5-Amino 3-[4-(-di-n-butylamino-propoxy)benzoyl]2-n-butyl benzofuran dioxalate
CAS 141644-91-9

Specification: Purity >98 percent
MSDS : On Request
CoA : On Request
Price: On Request
Packing: As per customer requirement
Molecular Formula C30H42N2O3
Molecular Wt. 478.66
Boiling Point 630.151ºC at 760 mmHg

We respect our customer’s requirements of strict regulatory compliance and specification needs by offering the intermediates transparently while offering easy access to manufacturer / supplier / principals with affordable and high-quality raw material intermediates.

About Our Company

In case you have any requirement of any of our pharmaceutical intermediates, we can provide the same with all proper documentation and certification required. Also, if you have any other requirements, we have a dedicated and well trained team that can cater to your requirements. Our aim and slogan is “better chemistry for a better life”, and we hope to make a difference together with the support and partnership of your valuable organization as our partner.

Our Facilities

  • R&D: We have our R&D lab at Makarpura in Vadodara. A GMP Approved pilot plant is also planned in Vadodara.
  • Plant Level: We have tie-ups with various plants throughout India which cater to our bulk production needs

1.) Geeta Pharma Aurangabad (40 KL capacity)

2.) Colochem Ankleshwar (10 KL capacity) ~ local-FDA approved

3.) Gokulendu Life Sciences (40 KL Capacity) ~ GMP approved